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Alaskool remains unfunded and staff will be posting less new material. New materials are posted on a volunteer basis and sometimes as a donation of time from the University of Alaska's Institute of Social and Economic Research.

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January, 2005 - How can AFN be the voice of Natives when its officers are not elected? ---- Ryan Olson Letter to the Editor - Anchorage Daily News - December 2004

September, 2004 - Molly Hootch: Historical Documents
We have added a new section to the Alaskool Website containing original legal documents, newspaper clippings, photos, and other relevant information on the Molly Hootch case and the Tobeluk V. Lind consent decree.

March, 2004 - The Jim Crow Section has a new addition - Racist sign triggers soul-searching at Juneau high school FORUM:Hundreds meet to find solutions after student flashes derogatory sign.
(Published: February 7, 2004)

January, 2003 -
UAA is sponsoring several events to celebrate UAA Civil Rights Week & Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A calendar of these events is online.

New! -- Alaskool has just added a section called "Events and Notices." To submit an entry for possible inclusion on this page, please use the "Contact Alaskool" link and form.

"Atanarjuat" (The Fast Runner) has been in the news again recently so I put together a short list of links and comments on the movie.

November, 2002

It's Native Heritage Month!! (even though we all know it's ALWAYS time to celebrate Native life and cultures) The Southcentral Native Educators' Association has posted a calendar of some of the events taking place for American Indian/Alaska Native Heritage Month. Be sure to let them know if you're hosting an event and it's not on their calendar!

October, 2002

Click here to be sure your Alaska Native education program gets into the Alaska Native Education Resource Guide the First Alaskans Institute has commissioned from the McDowell Group.

Getting Ready!! For the 2002 AFN Elders and Youth Conference - This page has information about what's going to be happening and discussed at this year's Alaska Federation of Natives Youth events. Includes: readings, photographs, biographies, and a lot more. Be ready! Watch here for updates.

Agenda for the 2002 Leadership Summit - The Sun Is Rising - Presented by the First Alaskans Institute.

September, 2002

Teaching Unit for Primary Grades K-3 -- "KEET" by Claribel and Henry Davis. Includes legend of Keet, teaching unit, further activities, and bibliography.

A new book is added to the Alaskool library - Monuments In Cedar by Edward L. Keithahn. Focusing on totem poles this book includes photographs, a detailed map of the totempolar region, stories, and more.

Book review: Alaskool's own Jim Kerr discusses Sydney Huntington's Shadows on the Koyukuk.

August, 2002

A History of the Nome, Alaska Public Schools: 1899 to 1958 From the Gold Rush to Statehood, A Thesis, By John Marion Poling, B.A., College, Alaska, May 1970

Maniixaq (Maniilaq) - Now available as a PDF (portable document file). Clean, new presentation and easy to navigate. Right click and "save as."


















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