"Whatever the future holds, assuredly there will be change, brought about by passage of the Alaska Native Land Claims Act." -- Emil Notti, as President of the Alaska Native Foundation, in the Foreword to the 1978 edition of Alaska Native Land Claims

Alaska Native Land Claims

by Robert D. Arnold - with Janet Archinald, Margie Bauman, Nancy Yaw Davis, Robert A. Frederick, Paul Gaskin, John Havelock, Gary Holthaus, Chris McNeil, Thomas Richards, Jr., Howard Rock, Rosita Worl

Table of Contents
Unit 3 - Alaska Natives and Their Lands
Chapter 10 New Migrants
Chapter 11 Encroachments
Chapter 12 Unacknowledged Title
Chapter 13 Renewed Promise
Unit 4 - The Land Claims Struggle
Chapter 14 New Threats to Land Rights
Chapter 15 Alternative Solutions
Chapter 16 Organization
Chapter 17 Proposed Legislation
Chapter 18 A Strengthened Case
Chapter 19 Improved Prospects
Chapter 20 A Legislative Settlement
Unit 5 - The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act: An Introduction
Chapter 21 Land and Money
Chapter 22 The Corporation as Vehicle
Chapter 23 Alaska Native Corporations
Alaska Native Land Claims Copyright 1976, 1978 by the Alaska Native Foundation
Table of Contents
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