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Biographies of Alaska Native people

Ronald H. Brower, Sr.

Excerpts from Profiles in Change:Names, Notes and Quotes for Alaskan Women 1983, by the Alaska Commission on the Status of Women - includes Annie Brower, Rachel Craig, Brenda Itta, Della Keats, Georgianna Lincoln, Bertha Moses, Sadie Neakok, Mary Schaeffer, Clare Swan, Fran Ulmer, Alice Wardlow, Rosita Worl plus other Alaskool links about Alaska Native Women

William L. Hensley

Roy Huhndorf

Julie Kitka

Albert Kookesh

Janie Leask

Oliver Leavitt

Byron I. Mallott

Elizabeth Peratrovich - from A Recollection of Civil Rights Leader Elizabeth Peratrovich. More in Alaskool's section on Elizabeth and Roy Peratrovich.

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