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Albert Kookesh

DOB: November 24, 1948
Place of Birth: Juneau, Alaska

Marital Status:
Married to Sally Woods Kookesh in May, 1970

Elaine Ramona, Jacleen Judith, Reanna Estella, Albert Matthew, Walter Woods

Chenara Dawn, Edward Liddle

Angoon Grade School 1st through the 8th grade
Mt. Edgecoumbe High School 9th through the 12th grade
Sheldon Jackson Jr. College
Alaska Methodist University Anchorage, BA Degree 1971 Anchorage, Alaska
University of Washington School of Law Juris Doctorate Degree June 1976

Work Experience:
Commercial Fishermen St Mary D. Siener 9th through college
Tlingit and Haida Central Council Education Co-ordinator College
Scholarship Program for S.E. students 1971-73 Reason for leaving: to attend University of Washington Law School.

I left Kootznoowoo Inc. after 14 years to enter into private business ventures.

Owner Operator Kootznahoo Inlet Lodge
Owner Operator Angoon market center
Owner Operator F/V Chenara Dawn

Kootznahoo Lodge: 12 unit Fishing. Hunting & Charter Business
We employ all local native licensed guides and employ 6 local residents.
Angoon Market center: Video and Grocery Variety Store. We employ 10 employees during the year.

F/V Chenara Dawn: Commercial Fishing vessel. I do commercial fishing in S.E. Gillnet Fishery and halibut. I did receive a rather large halibut quota. I employ 4 local residents on my boat.

Other involvement:

State of Alaska: Office of the Governor 1994-1996 special Assistant on Rural affairs appointed by Governor Knowles.
State of Alaska: 1996 Elected to Alaska State House of Representatives-Democrat
Democrat Party Affiliation: Precinct Chairman, Treasurer, member of District 5 Democrats, One of the founders of natives for Knowles.
Sealaska Corporation: Member of Board of Directors; 6 terms.
Recently re-elected with highest directed shareholder vote ever in Klawock at the 21st Annual meeting of Sealaska corporation.
Alaska Federation of Natives: 1985-1991 Representative to the AFN Board.
1993 Elected Co-Chair of AFN Board by the AFN Convention.
1994 Elected Co-Chair of AFN Board by the AFN Convention.

Both 1993 and 1994 were by unanimous vote of the delegates to the AFN Convention.

Alaska Federation of Natives: 1997 Foundation Director: Title 29
1996 Elected Co-Chair of AFN Board by the AFN Convention.
Alaska Native Brotherhood: 1976-1989 Grand Secretary
1990-1992 Grand President
1992 Member of the ANB Grand Camp
Executive committee for life.
National Museum: 1996 Appointed on the National Museum of the American Indian.