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Alaska Natives in the Military -
The Alaska Territorial Guard and beyond
In Alaska the Cold War was often just that - as this recruiting poster indicates. The aircraft in the background is the C-123 Provider, one of the largest aircraft ever to be ski-equipped for landing on ice and snow.

We hope these images and other documents will encourage further interest in recording and preserving the history of Alaska Native participation in the military. We have provided some identifications and descriptions but welcome corrections and especially commentary from individuals who have first hand accounts of the events and images on this portion of the site. The images include pictures of Alaska Natives, the Alaska Territorial Guard and other paintings done of the general theatre of Alaska operations. Additional images and documents are forthcoming.

The Alaska Territorial Guard was formed to allow the United States the means to identify further potential incursions of the Japanese in Alaska along the vast coastline of the territory. There was some initial controversy in recruiting and arming Alaska Natives as at the time there was legal and social segregation by race across Alaska. The participation of Alaska Natives in the military during World War II, in spite of these bitter circumstances, speaks well of the patriotism and hopefulness of that generation of Alaska Natives.

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Slide show of paintings - Henry Varnum Poor's period depictions of Alaska's World War II Experience. (The slide show has 3 frames. You can resize these by dragging the dividing bars with your mouse).

Index to Paintings

Strategic Alaska Towns and Islands of WWII

Farewell Speech to the Tundra Army delivered by Major M. R. Marston followed by a dance and music cellebration Sept. 2, 1945 on V. J. DAY at Nome, Alaska (in MP3 format 1/2 MB in size(Recording from 78 RMP record digitized by Jim Kerr)

Men of the Tundra: Alaska Eskimos at War by Muktuk Marston
Photographs from Men of the Tundra, Alaska Eskimos at War by Muktuk Marston, October House Inc., New York, 1972.

The Alaska Federation of Natives - Native Veterans website - interviews, photos, and background information

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