Strategic Alaska Towns and Islands of WWII

Dutch Harbor: The Japanese first attacked Alaska at this location on June 3, 1942.

Unmak: Although the Americans had a seaplane base at Dutch Harbor, they built their first air field capable of handling wheeled aircraft in the Aleutians on this island.

Attu: Several days after their attack on Dutch Harbor the Japanese landed on Attu and took control of the island. On May 11, 1943 the Americans launched a massive attack against the Japanese on Attu. It took 3 weeks for the Americans to defeat the Japanese.

Kiska: The Japanese' primary invasion force was on the island of Kiska. They evacuated Kiska on July 28, 1943.

Adak: The U.S. built an air base on this Aleutian island in September 1942 to provide closer access to Kiska and Attu.

Cold Bay: This Alaska Peninsula town was the base for exchange of ships and supplies with the Soviet Union for the war with the Germans.

Fairbanks: Located in central Alaska, this town became the base for American and Soviet exchange of 8000 aircraft.

The following map was captured in the war. The large Kangi characters on the top of the page read American Army where they are. Translation generously donated by Don Neal, Fresno, CA. Thanks Don.


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