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Alaska Natives Commission Reports

Alaska Natives Commission, Final Report, Volume I

Alaska Natives Commission, Final Report, Volume II

Alaska Natives Commission, Final Report, Volume III

Volume I of the Alaska Natives Commission's Final Report was prepared by the Commission staff for the purpose of providing an overview and summary of the Commission's substantial work product compiled through hearings, research and deliberations carried out since July of 1992. Mike Irwin, the Commission's Executive Director, is editor and principal author of Volume I. Other writing credits for this and subsequent volumes go to Edward Deaux, Ph.D., Bart Garber, William Hanable, George Irwin, Alexandra J. McClanahan and Harold Napoleon.

The volume conveys the flavor, sense and direction of the Commission's conclusions and recommendations based on the three "Overarching Principles" found on page 20. A complete listing of all recommendations made by the Commission based on findings of its various task forces can be found in Part Three of this document. Volume I serves as an introduction to, and summary of, the Commission's full body of work. Those looking for greater detail — including findings, discussions and conclusions on particular issues — should also refer to Volumes II and III of the Final Report. Each section of these additional volumes contains the full text and language crafted by the Commission and its task forces, as edited and adopted by the full Commission.

Volume II of the Alaska Natives Commission's Final Report contains the full text of five separate studies conducted by the five Commission task forces. Each task force was given a distinctive charge by the Commission to study, variously, Alaska Native issues related to: Alaska Native health, social and cultural dynamics, economics and economic development, education and governance. Many of the discussions, findings and recommendations found in the task force sections of this volume are summarized in Volume I of the Commission's Final Report.

Volume III of the report contains material regarding Alaska Native Subsistence and Tribal Government. Section one is an explanation of the importance of subsistence living to Natives and the issues revolving around the lifestyle. The second section is a report on the functionality and status of the Alaska Native Tribal Government, their policies and standings.

In preparing these studies, the task forces went to great lengths to treat each issue as thoroughly and conclusively as possible. This issues were examined from a number of policy perspectives, including social, cultural and economic, in recognition of their complex, interwoven and inseparable nature.