About the www.Alaskool.org project and its developers

Early Scholars Program

Mission Statement: The Early Scholars Program is committeed to helping college bound Alaska Native/ Native American high school students broaden their scholastic goals by participating in activities that foster academic excellence and a positive cultural identity.

The 25% Project

The 25% Project was directed by Early Scholars Program instructor Paula Dybdahl, a history teacher at Juneau Douglas High School in Juneau, Alaska, and carried out during the 1st semester of the 2001-2002 school year. Please click on "The Assignment" to see her instructions to the class and then visit the student pages to see the products of their efforts. Each project is interesting and different in its own way.

Student Pages

Asia Cadiente-Nelson - Psalm 100 in Tlingit

Aaron Katzeek - Traditional Tlingit sculpturing

Crystal Barr - A contemporary Alaska Native art - seal gut drawing

Isaac Cadiente - Alaska's state flag

LeTasha McKoy - Traditional Native food preparation

Maximino Cadiente - Juneau's totem poles - a glimpse at Tlingit history

Melissa Goade - Sheldon Jackson school - a breeding ground for leaders

Naash Richey - Traditional Tlingit fishing tools

Robby Hickok - About Frank Yasuda

Sabrina Chilton - Introducing yourself in Tlingit

Shane Barril - Tlingit foods gathered over the four seasons

Sandrenia Katasse - The Tlingit National Anthem

Shaan Katzeek -

Stacy Roberts - Celebration: to protect, perpetuate, and enhance Tlingit traditions

Bobby See - Tlingit dancing regalia (this project is hosted on Geocities, not Alaskool)

More Alaskool resources about Tlingit and Southeast Alaska - developed with Paula Dybdahl and others