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Iñupiaq language teaching and learning resources and tools

Iñupiaq Dictionary
Main categories include People; Creatures,
Heavens, Earth, Atmosphere; Place, Time,
Descriptives; and Postbases

How We Made the
Online Iñupiaq Dictionary

The process the Alaskool team used to create this online dictionary.

The Iñupiaq Phrasebook
Basic expressions containing audio files
produced by NANA Elder, Hannah Gallahorn;
English translations available.

Iñupiaq Font
Instructions for using Iñupiaq font for word
processing and to view the Iñupiaq Phrasebook
Please note: Macintosh OS/X users have reported problems with this font. .

Download Iñupiaq Font
How to use the Iñupiaq font for word processing.
Please note: Macintosh OS/X users have reported problems with this font.

Download and Install Iñupiaq Spellchecker
Instructions for using the Iñupiaq font to check spelling.

Teller Reader
Collection of short stories produced under the Bilingual Education Program by the people of Teller, Alaska, 1974.

This online talking book documents the life of Maniilaq (Maniilauraq) who was a well-known Eskimo prophet from Northwest Alaska. The book, Maniilaq is written in Iñupiaq and English with audio sound files by Joe Ballot of Selawik. Adobe Acrobat PDF of English version of Maniilaq available for easy download.

Iñupiaq and the Schools
by Lawrence Kaplan, Alaska Native Language Center, 1984. An online version
of one of "a series of handbooks designed to assist classroom teachers, bilingual-bicultural education and special education program staff, counselors and school administrators in improving instructional services for students from Athabaskan, Iñupiaq, and Yup’ik language groups."

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