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Education plan taps Bush aides, Controversial idea aims to cut teacher turnover Some educators hope to overcome one of the biggest obstacles to improving schools in Bush Alaska - rapid turnover of teachers - by making it easier for mostly Native teacher aides to become teachers, perhaps without earning college degrees...[read article]

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What to Expect Your First Year of Teaching, Amy DePaul, U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, September 1998

Stalking the Schoolwork Module: Teaching Prospective Teachers to Write Historical Narratives, Peter Vinten-Johansen Department of History, Michigan State University and G. Williamson BcDiarmid Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska Anchorage, July 1997

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"Effects of Public High Schools On Village Children Away From Home": by Judith Kleinfeld.

For Teachers: Excerpts from Teaching with Documents: Using Primary Sources from the National Archives, National Archives and Records Administration and National Council for the Social Studies, Washington, D.C., 1989

Handbook on Teaching Social Issues, National Council for Social Studies Bulletin 93- "Developing Issue-Based Unit Plans" by Joseph J. Onosko and Lee Swenson. This selection from the NCSS bulletin addresses the importance of issue-based unit plans and how teachers can develop this methodology. Examples of transformations between unit-topics and unit-issues are given as well as a three-week sample lesson plan to understand the ideas and goals involved.

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