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Aleut Images
ALEUT IMAGES Edited by Dana G. Anderson

Copyright 1980 by Dana G. Anderson. Any part of this publication may be used for educational purposes if complete credit is given to the contributors, the State of Alaska and Alaska Pacific University.

This book is a collection of articles about Aleut culture contributed by those listed as class projects at Alaska Pacific University. A reading skill level of between 3rd and 5th grades is needed to successfully read the articles.

As editor, I have verified the facts to the best of my abilities, and have chosen to keep the topics random to make the book useful to students with varied interests. The articles titled Ancient Rock Painting and The Village of Korovinski are more technical than Aleut Hats of the Past and Retaking Kiska, which are less difficult. The book is not intended to be read at one sitting, but assigned article by article as interest dictates.

These articles are based on materials gathered from a variety of verbal conversations and written sources.

Drawing by B. Stockwell, 1980.