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Alaskool Literature - THEATA

THEATA: Tlingit, Haida, Eskimo, Athabaskan, Tsimshian, Aleut - Volume 12, Copyright 1987. Reprinted with permission from UAF
"Daily Schedules" by Mae Pitka
"Healing" by Phyllis Norton
"High School Graduates" by Aggie Frankson
"NANA Dorms" by Magdeline Booth
"Rural Student Services" by Tim Holmberg
"The Big Change" by Mae Pitka
"The Molly Hootch Decision" by Anonymous
"Traditional Storytelling" by Charlene Fisher


THEATA: Yesterday & Today - Volume 4, Copyright 1976. Reprinted with permission from UAF
"Alaska Native Languages" by Godelieva Aluska
"Education - Now and Then" by Helen Kinegak
"Land Claims" by George Amarok


THEATA: Spring 1973 - Volume 1, Number 1, Copyright 1973. Reprinted with permission from UAF
"Girls Do Not Get Seals" by Teresa F. Pingayaq
"Lost in the Storm" by John F. Pingayaq
"Seal Hunting in Chevak" by John F. Pingayaq
"Qaygiq in Chevak" by Teresa F. Pingayaq