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[Valdez School, 1926]

Valdez school, Fall 1926. The house in the background is the home of Richard L. Clifton and family. Taken by John Ekemo.

Sitting in front, left to right: Ida Nelson, Aubunanne Knudson, Janet Ashby, John Gilson, David Cuddy, Joe Deringer, Owen Johnson, John Ekemo, John Kelsey, Dan Cuddy, George Devinney

First row standing, left to right: Mary Mashegan?, Katie Holland, Emma Nelson, Junior Kelsey, John Dimond, Pearl Ekemo, Ruth Meals, Marie Dimond, Lillian Sullivan, Betty Chase, Marian Sullivan, Lloyd Johnson

Second row, standing: Walter Phillips, Geroge Gilson, Roy Deringer, Bill Egan, Eick Reed, Frank Egan, Jim Cook, Jack Cook, Louise Meals, Marie Whalen, Frances Meals, Mable Cook, Marguerite Ekemo, Ethel Patterson

Last row: Lynn Phillips; Chester Clifton; Richard L. Clifton, teacher and principal; Robert Beauford Clifton ("Boots"); Jeanette MacDonald, teacher; Nancy Sanderson Meals, teacher; Mrs. "Grandma" Kelsey, teacher; Harve Ashby; Ten (Goodlatah) Jackson; Walter Swanson; Charles Wilcox; Henry Swanson;

Anchorage Museum of History and Art, B63.14.23