Alaska Statehood: 1959

Scott Ogan, Representative in the Alaska State Legislature: The Alaska Statehood Act was passed by Congress and ratified by the people of Alaska in 1958, and President Eisenhower formally admitted it as a state in 1959. The Statehood Act was a compact between the people of the state and the United States government allowing for Alaska's admission as a state to the Union. The Alaska Statehood Act gave the state authority over managing all fish and game resources. "This compact (the Alaska Statehood Act) between the people of Alaska and the United States adopted our State Constitution, along with its prohibition of giving special fish and wildlife rights to any group of people."

The Statehood Act is a compact between the federal government and the people of Alaska; this is important because it means that Congress cannot unilaterally pass any law that contradicts or breaches the terms of the compact. "In other words, the Statehood Act takes precedence over other federal laws if there is a conflict."