The Tundra Times

Selected Articles Referencing ANCSA and Land Claims, 1961-1971, courtesy of Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corporation and Tuzzy Consortium Library of Barrow, Alaska. Used with permission, for educational purposes only.


"Second Inupiat at Kotzebue" Tundra Times, October 1, 1961, p.1.

"Encroachments Stressed at Inupiat Paitot Conference" Tundra Times, November 1, 1962, p.15.

"Interior Indians Meet: Conference on Problems, Revived Festival to Draw Many Alaskans This Week" Tundra Times, June 3, 1963, p.1.

"Native Groups Unite: Inupiat Paitot, Dena Nena Henash, ANB to Affiliate" By Thomas Snapp, Times Staff Writer, Tundra Times, June 17, 1963, p.1.

Editor Answers State Senator in Regard to Affiliation Tundra Times, Eben Hopson Letter to the Editor, July 22, 1963

"Native Groups to Meet: Leaders to Gather Together to Talk" Tundra Times, June 8, 1964, p.1.

"Senate Proposes Cash Payments for Valid Native Land Claims" Tundra Times, April 15, 1966, p.6.

"NANA, ASNA May Merge" Tundra Times, September 2, 1966, p.5.

"The Awakening" (Editorial) Tundra Times, September 16, 1966, p.2.

"Statewide Native Unity Achieved at Conference" Tundra Times, October 28, 1966, p.1. "Land Act Drawn up by Delegates at Anchorage Meet"

"Native Leaders Set Down Policies" Tundra Times, October 28, 1966, p.2.

"ANB's Ire Aroused by Times Editorial" Tundra Times, November 4, 1966, p.2.

"Arctic Native Brotherhood Makes 38,000 Square Mile Claim" Tundra Times, December 23, 1966, p.3.

"Huge Native Corporation Seen as Answer to Claims" "Bulk of the Monetary Settlement May Come from Navy Pet. Res. 4" Tundra Times, March 14, 1969, p.1.

AFN Gets Its Counsel Back, Justice Goldberg Now Reinstated as Chief Counsel for Federation Tundra Times, June 13, 1969, p.1.

"Importance of Regionals, Villages to AFN" Tundra Times, August 1, 1969, p.1.

"Sweeping Reforms Affected in AFN Organizational Structure" By Thomas Richards, Jr., Staff Writer, Tundra Times, October 10, 1969, p.2.

"State Lease Sale $900 Million While Few Natives Protested" By Thomas Richards, Jr., Staff Writer, Tundra Times, September 12, 1969, p.1.

"General Agreement Among Native Leaders with Emil Notti" Tundra Times, February 13, 1970, p.1.

"AFN Board Elects Eben Hopson Executive Director in Reshuffle" Tundra Times, April 1, 1970, p.1.

"Claims Fill Disappointing: Strong General Note of Dissatisfaction on Latest Claims Bill" By Susan Taylor, Staff Writer, Tundra Times, May 20, 1970, p.1.

"AFN Forming Political Arm: Political Committee Formed to Disseminate Information to Villages" Tundra Times, June 24, 1970, p.1.

"Elect Officers. Pass Resolutions — Northwest Native Assn. Holds Annual Kotzebue Meet" Tundra Times, November 11, 1970, p.3.

"ASNA's Return Unites AFN: Unity Termed Solid by Members, AFN Now Asking 60 Million Acres" Tundra Times, December 16, 1970, p.1.

"Don Wright Meets President: Nixon Sends Lands Bill Proposal to Congress" Tundra Times, April 7, 1971, p.1.

"Governor Egan Endorses AFN Bill" Tundra Times, May 5, 1971, p.1.

"Aspinall Cools Claims Work: Personality Clashes May be Reason AFN Closes Its Washington Office" Tundra Times, July 14, 1971, p.1.


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