Nikaitchuat Ixisabviat


The Native Village of Kotzebue (Kotzebue IRA) oversees the Nikaitchuat ("anything is possible") Ixisabviat ("a place to learn") tribal school. Nikaitchuat Ixisabviat has begun the third year of operation.

Presently, our enrollment capability is twenty-four preschool students between the ages of three and six. Our intent is to expand the tribal school as children progress to higher grade levels.

Our program goals include teaching future generations of our children: the ability to read, write and speak fluently in the Ieupiaq language; to possess bilingual proficiency to increase equal opportunity for success in our emerging global society; the ability to exercise their right to be educated in an environment reflecting our Ieupiaq values and belief systems; and to learn through the guidance of our traditional Elders, immersed in Ieupiaq way of being in the world.